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Current LAB workstation usage

11 Oct - Fortran Compiler Changes

01 Sep - The Old Computing Site is being phased out.

How to Get Help

This page is the first place to look if you are having problems or need answers. Please let us know is you do not find a solution here.

You can:

  1. Email This mailbox is monitored by the entire IT staff, so it will receive the fastest response.
  2. Visit one of us in our office. Our schedules and contact information can be found below.
  3. Call 1-612-626-8466
  4. In an emergency, page Seth Mayotte at 1-612-816-0289.
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Seth Mayotte 11-5   11-5   11-5

Staff will often be available at other times; please email or call for immediate needs.

Guides to general information

Guides to using applications



Please review the University's Acceptable Use Policy, and the easier-to-read Usage Guidelines.

For emphasis, we repeat the important points here, and also add some UNIX-specific information:

  1. Choose a good password for your account.
  2. Do not reveal your password to anyone.
    (This includes the system administrators).
  3. Do not let anyone else use your account.
  4. Attempts to compromise the security of our computers are strictly forbidden.
  5. Using our computers to compromise the security of someone else's is strictly forbidden.
  6. Understand how UNIX file permissions work, and use them to protect private information in your account, however:
    • Reading another user's email is unacceptable, even if file permissions make it possible;
    • It is not a defense to claim that any files accessed in the process of cheating or plagiarism had file permissions that made them publicly readable.
  7. Tying up a computer for long periods of time not permitted:
    • Don't leave a computer with the screen lock on for a long time.
    • Do not run multiple jobs simultaneously on any machine.
  8. Do not access any private machine without permission.