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On the mall outside Ford Hall, Adam Maidman, Ben Sherwood, Christina Knudson, Megan Heyman and Sijia Liang jump for joy when they get their new School of Statistics tee shirts.

Graduate students receive awards(see "Awards")

School of Statistics' Adam Rothman Wins Coveted CAREER Award from NSF (See "Rothman”)

Double honors go to Hui Zou, who was recently elected Fellow of the IMS, adding to his earlier selection as CLA Scholar of the College. (See "Scholar” and "IMS”)

Our team at MUDAC: Blake Nhul, Tianyi Sun, Taylor Aldridge, Zhen Ling Chai, Wenjing Yang, Yufei Zhao, Kaiyuan Hu. (See story Data analytics competition for undergraduates.)

Lan Wang promoted to full professor. (See story Lan Wang)

School student Wins two awards. (See story Dootika Vats)

Announcing! New BA and BS Programs, effective Fall 2015

Positions Available:

Assistant Professor of Statistics

The School of Statistics, College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota, invites applications for a full-time, tenure-track position beginning fall semester 2016.

DEADLINE: December 7, 2015

Position Details

Please apply at the University of Minnesota's Employment site.

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Xuming He, Buehler Martin Lectures 2016

Seymour Geisser Distinguished Lectures

2015 Statistics Newsletter

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Statistics is the science of learning from data. Statisticians collect, organize, analyze, interpret, and present data. We are constantly seeking better ways to do that in more and more challenging situations, using mathematics, computing, and insight. People use statistics in business, industry, medicine, government, and scientific research.

The School of Statistics is a leading center of statistical practice, education, and research. The School has about 15 faculty members and 65 graduate students. We offer programs leading to BA, BS, MS, and PhD degrees.

We are the proud hosts to the Buehler-Martin and Geisser Lectureship.