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Using your laptop in the Department

The School of Statistics network is managed independantly of the rest of the University computers, and prior approval is required to connect to it. If you have a laptop that you want to use in the department, this page describes the procedure must follow.


  1. Acquire a copy of the sign-up form: You can pick up one from the Department Office in 313 FordH, or download it (PDF) and print it out.
  2. Fill it out with your computer's hardware address and the the port number of the network jack that you wish to use.
    The port number will be something like: 00350AB. Network jacks are orange, grey ones only work for telephones.
  3. Turn in the form at the Department Office (313 FordH) or find one of the IT people.
    View our office hours and contact info.


After we receive your form, the information will usually be entered within a day or two. If you want to be notified when we're finished, put your email address on a Post-It note and attach it to the form; then we'll send you a message when it's ready.