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The School of Statistics at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities is a leading center of statistical practice, education, and research. We have 19 outstanding faculty members and approximately 60 graduate students working on diverse projects that include theoretical research and practical applications in economics, environment, commerce, manufacturing, and health care. This mixture of innovative basic research and applications allows us to recruit the best young faculty and graduate students and enrich both undergraduate and graduate education around the University.

What Your Gift Can Do

Your generous support for the School of Statistics is more critical than ever. It helps us attract and retain the very best scholars and students even as state funding declines.

Your contribution allows us to ensure:

  • Excellence and competitiveness of our graduate program
    Faculty choose institutions that attract the best graduate students. We need to ensure the excellence and competitiveness of our graduate programs so that we can compete for the best faculty and brightest students.

Choose a Fund

Your generous tax-deductable support for the School of Statistics is more critical than ever in the era of decreasing state funding. You may contribute to any of our three funds.

  • Seymour Geisser Lectureship Fund The Seymour Geisser Distinguished Lectures were established by the School of Statistics in memory of Seymour Geisser, Director of the School for 30 years (1971-2001). Each academic year we invite a leading statistician to give a seminar in honor of Seymour's contributions to the School, to Statistics, and to society. The lectures are supported by the Geisser Lectureship Fund.
  • Geisser Fellowship. The Geisser Fellowship is not yet self-sustaining. Once its endowment reaches a level at which grants can be made out of income, it will make awards to PhD students to help with research-related costs such as conference attendance.
  • Statistics General Fund. This fund will provide unrestricted support for educational initiatives and student activities. Unrestricted gifts offer flexibility and provide seed money that can be used to create new directions and opportunities for both students and faculty.
  • Alumni Fellowship Fund. This fund not only supports the Alumni fellow each year, but helps fund summer fellowships for all our PhD students during their first three years of study. This will enable each student to get real consulting experience and begin research projects earlier in their career. As a practical matter, it is a way to get more money to students and helps us attract and retain the very best students.

Make a Gift

Make a gift to the School of Statistics online through the University of Minnesota Foundation.

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