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Fortran compiler

There is a new Fortran compiler available, as part of the GNU Compiler Collection. Our testing has shown it to be an acceptable substitute for NAG's compiler, and require minimal changes. Also, the School license for the NAG fortran compiler will expire on 31 October, and will not be renewed.

So, to help all users migrate to the new compiler, we have prepared a brief summary of those things you must do differently to use the new Fortran compiler.

The compiler executable is now called gfortran

So, with an example source file called “tools.f“, which would've been compiled before with f95 -o tools tools.f, with the new compiler would build thusly: gfortran -o tools tools.f.

In the short term, we suggest you create an alias like: alias f95=”gfortran” to switch over.

Also, here is an example Makefile:

 OBJS = test.o
   gfortran -c $<
 main: $(OBJS)

If you have any questions or issues, please let us know!