New! Solutions to homework 7 posted (Homework Solutions link in the navigation area to the left).

New! I will have office hours in my office Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday December 16, 17, and 18 at the usual hour 2:30 to 3:30 pm.

New! Here is the final exam. It is due by 3:30 pm on Wednesday Dec 18, 2013. Hand the exam in person to the instructor (in class Wednesday or in his office Ford 356) or to one of the staff (in the department office Ford 313).

Do not just shove it under my office door or in my departmental mail box because if it gets lost, we can't know what happened.

New! Some old final exams (without solutions) are linked below.

Classroom change: starting Friday Nov 22, the class will meet in N119 Elliott Hall.

The solutions to homework 5 were broken. There were links to other pages that did not exist (and seem to have been lost). I have replaced them with new solutions.

New section heading and new introductory paragraph for the example about the subsampling bootstrap for IID data. It tries to make it clear that this is the model for all subsampling bootstrap with IID data (not just this extreme values example).

Grade distributions for the 1st midterm are here.

Solutions for 1st midterm posted (Exam Solutions link in the navigation area to the left). Some changes made to the provisional solutions.

In response to a request from a student, the web pages have been modified to print differently (the navigation and contents do not print). Let me know if this causes problems.

To install R on your own computer, go to and follow instructions there.

Exam Schedule

Tentative exam schedule. All exams are take-home and open book, open notes. Midterms will be due during the class period on the last day of the exam. The Final will be due by 4:30 on the last day of the exam and can be handed to the instructor in his office (356 Ford Hall) or to the office staff in the department office (313 Ford Hall). All exams will be posted on the class web pages.

Exam Dates
First Midterm Monday Oct 21 to Wednesday Oct 23
Second Midterm Friday Nov 15 to Wednesday Nov 20
Final Exam Wednesday Dec 11 to Wednesday Dec 18

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