Statistics 5601 (Geyer, Spring 2006)


New! final exam grade distribution posted.

New! Third midterms and any older homework or exams not yet picked up are in my office, but I am out of town. You can pick up your exam by asking in the department office, 313 Ford Hall.

New! Final exam solution posted.

Theory page added. Follow new navigation link above which has not been put on all pages yet.

Downloading, Installing, and Using R web page in the School of Statistics computer help pages revised and brought up to data. Read this about how to install R. On a Windows box, it is very easy, just download one file, double click on it, mouse through a bunch of menus, and you're in business. It is only a little harder on Macintosh or Linux.

Exam Dates

Note: all exams are take-home, including final (just like homework, except graded by the instructor instead of the teaching assistant).

Exam Date Handed Out Date and Time Due Comment
1st Midterm Friday, March 3 Wednesday, March 8, in class Week before spring break
2nd Midterm Wednesday, April 5 Monday, April 10, in class

Grade Distributions

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