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Statistics 5601, Fall 2002, Prof. Geyer


The final exam on-line (except this link won't work until just after class today).

Sunday night: Corrected Q3 to say "43" everywhere instead of 42 in some places and 43 in another. You can use either 42 or 43 so long as you are consistent.

Monday morning: Added hint to Q3 explaining how to use the trick with bcanon.

All Questions Answered

The last day of class (Friday, Dec 13) will be all questions answered day. The idea comes from Donald Knuth a famous professor of computer science at Stanford, who says

The students didn't have to come to class if they didn't want to, but if they did, they could ask any question on any subject except religion or politics or the final exam. I got the idea from Richard Feynman, who did the same thing in his classes at Caltech, and it was always interesting to see what the students really wanted to know.

I've never done this before, so it may be interesting to see me stumbling around, even if I'm nowhere near as interesting as Knuth or Feynman.


New! Homework Solution Number 6 posted.

Grade distributions on the second midterm posted.

Second Midterm Solution posted.

As I promised someone in class, I figured out how to change the colors in the color plots to shades of gray. It's all explained in the comment about colors following the first of the regression color plots.

New section on installing packages added to the web page How to Download and Use R at Home.

Section Exam Dates added. Note: Date and time final exam due were wrong for a few minutes. Fixed now.

General Information

Exam Dates

Note: all exams are take-home, including final.

Exam Date Handed Out Date and Time Due Comment
First Midterm Monday, October 21 Wednesday October 23, in class
Second Midterm Monday, November 18 Wednesday, November 20, in class
Final Exam Wednesday, December 11 Wednesday, December 18, 3:30 pm can be handed in any time earlier.

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Computing Examples

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How to Download and Use R at Home

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