Statistics 5601 (Geyer, Fall 2003)


This web page is defunct (old). Unless you are looking for old stuff, go to the web page for the upcoming class, Fall 2005.


New! final exam grade distribution posted.

New! final exam solution posted.

handout on the sandwich estimator revised again. A superscript -1 was inserted in Section 1.11 and in equation and in the text between equations (43b) and (44). Also ∇ and ∇2 were inserted instead of ordinary derivatives in (43a) and (43b) and the text changed to reflect this. Finally a new paragraph about the various plug-in estimators of asymptotic variance was added at the end of Section 3.3.2.

(Errors previously corrected) Equations (12), (13), and (27) had one over square root n when they should have had one over n. Equation (34), which was correct as it was, has been changed to make the text a little clearer. Someone asked for literature citations. They have been added. A few spelling and English errors were also corrected.

Answers in the back of the book (just numbers with no explanation useful for checking whether your answers are correct) now provided for homework assignments (for example, answers for homework 1). A link to these answers in the back of the book follows each assignment on the homework assignments web page. Complete solutions will be provided after the homework is handed in.

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Exam Dates

Note: all exams are take-home, including final (just like homework, except graded by the instructor instead of the teaching assistant).

Exam Date Handed Out Date and Time Due
1st Midterm Monday, October 20 Wednesday October 22, in class
2nd Midterm Friday, November 14 Wednesday, November 19, in class
Final Exam Wednesday, December 10 Saturday, December 20, 10:00 am, or any time earlier.

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