For Clients

Who are eligible to be our clients?

Every local non-profit, governmental, or community service organizations.

When should you contact STATCOM?

 1.   As early as possible! Even at the brainstorming stages. We can help you address problems related to gathering data, designing  surveys, and starting a statistical analysis before they arise.

 2.   Any other time.  We can help at almost any stage of your project.

Who will I work with? 

For each project, you will work with a team of Master and PhD students(or volunteer statisticians) who are mentored by professors in the School of Statistics, and other departments at the University of Minnesota.

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How to work with STATCOM?

1. Check out the “Client Pledge”. 

This is the document of our expectations on the client’s and volunteer statisticians’ roles in the project.

2. Please send us an e-mail including a short description for each of your projects.

Tell us about the problem you are trying to solve, the project you are looking to undertake, and the questions you have on your projects. The description will not only be posted on the STATCOM website but also be sent  to all the graduate students in the School of Statistics. Students will contact us, if they are interested in the projects.

3. STATCOM will pair volunteer statisticians for your projects and e-mail you the pairing status regularly. 

4.  Once paired successfully, we and volunteer statisticians will arrange a face-to-face meeting with you to discuss future plan and responsibilities.

In the meeting, volunteer statisticians will ask more specific questions to get a better understanding of your project and needs, figure out how we can help you, and make arrangements to move forward. After that, the board of the STATCOM will confirm the volunteer statisticians’ responsibilities and collect the Client Pledge from the clients.

5.  The projects officially starts!! 

Volunteer statisticians will provide the statistical services following the contents in the Client Pledge which includes make a report that is easy to understand, meeting your needs, presenting the results to you and your organization and answering any questions you have.