Faculty Adviser


Prof. Galin Jones

Director of the School of Statistics
Statistics 347 Ford Hall
224 Church St SE

Current Officers

These are the team members who are working hard to bring STATCOM to our community


Left to right: Wanrong, Mingjian, David

Wanrong Hu – 1st year MS student   

David Luo – 1st year MS student   

Ved Piyush – 3rd year MS student   

Mingjian Zhou  – 1st year MS student

Past Officers

Team members who have worked hard and moved on.

From 2016 – 2017


Left to right: Yi, Xinpeng, Georgia

Zhuozhi (Georgia) Huang – 2nd year MS student   

Yi Liu – 2nd year MS student   

Xinpeng Shen  – 2nd year MS student   

From 2015 – 2016


Left to right: Xin, Erin, Yang, Ting

Yin-Ting Chou(Ting) – 2nd year MS student   official_logo_linkedin_1

Yang Yang  – 2nd year MS student   official_logo_linkedin_1

Yun You(Erin)  – 2nd year MS student   official_logo_linkedin_1

Xin Yang  – 2nd year MS student   official_logo_linkedin_1

From 2014-2015

full length blue copy Brandon Whited  – Syngenta   official_logo_linkedin_1
Chnli.jpg Chunlei Li – Fulcrum Analytics   official_logo_linkedin_1
Shawn Zixing Su – ID Analytics 
Zeqing Lu-2 Zeqing Lu – Eli Lilly and Company