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Keywords: random numbers
getseeds() prints the current seeds and returns the current seeds in the
random number generator used by runi(), rnorm(), rbin() and rpoi() as an
"invisible" REAL vector of length 2.  See topic 'variables:"invisible"'.

getseeds(quiet:T) returns the seeds as a regular (not invisible) REAL
vector of length 2, but does not print them.

You can use getseeds() together with setseeds() to restart the random
number generators from the same point more than once.  If you retrieve
the seeds by 'seeds <- getseeds(quiet:T)', you can later reset the
random number generators to the same place by 'setseeds(seeds)'.

The seeds are saved by save() or asciisave() (unless you specify
'options:F') and are restored by restore().

See also setseeds(), runi(), rnorm(), rbin(), rpoi().

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15