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getoptions(option1:T [,option2:T ... ]), option1, option2, ...  option
getoptions() or getoptions(all:T) gets all option values as a structure
Type 'usage(options)' for a succinct list of all options and their
   permissible values.

Keywords: control
getoptions(option1:T, option2:T, ...), where option1, option2, ... are
option names, returns the values of the specified options.  If more than
one option is specified, the result is a structure with appropriately
named components.  For example, getoptions(format:T) returns the default
format used in printing, getoptions(seeds:T) is equivalent to
getseeds(quiet:T), and getoptions(height:T,width:T) returns a structure
with components 'height' and 'width'.

getoptions() or getoptions(all:T) returns the values for all options.

getoptions(all:T, option1:F, option2:F,...) returns values for all
options except those specified.

Legal option names are 'angles', 'batchecho', 'dumbplot', 'errors',
'findmacros', 'format', 'fstats', 'height', 'inline', 'labelabove',
'labelstyle', 'keyboard', 'maxlinelen', 'maxwhile', 'minpvalue',
'missing', 'nsig', 'pvals', 'prompt', 'restoredel', 'savehistry',
'seeds', 'traceback' 'update', 'warnings', 'wformat', and 'width'.

See topic 'options' for details on these options.  Type 'usage(options)'
for a list of options with legal values and defaults.

Option name 'lines' is recognized as a synonym for 'height' for
compatibility with earlier versions.

On versions (Macintosh, Windows, Motif, extended memory DOS and
Unix/Linux) that allow you to recall previous commands, option 'history'
is also legal.

On windowed versions (Macintosh, Windows, Motif), options 'matchdelay'
and 'scrollback' are also legal.

In the Windows and Motif versions, option 'enableitem' is also legal.

In the Macintosh version, options 'font' and 'fontsize' are also legal.

The value returned for 'format' or 'wformat' always has the type
specifier ('f' or 'g') at the end ("12.5g"), even if it was set with a
string starting with 'f' or 'g' ("g12.5").

See also restore(), save().

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15