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setseeds(seed1,seed2) or setseeds(vector(seed1,seed2)), seed1 and seed2
  non-negative integers <= 2147483399

Keywords: random numbers
setseeds(seed1,seed2) initializes the random number generator used by
runi(), rnorm(), rbin() and rpoi().  The seeds should be non-negative
integers <= 2147483399.

setseeds(seeds), where seeds is a vector of the form vector(seed1,
seed2), is equivalent to setseeds(seed1, seed2).  In particular, any
time after setting seeds by seeds <- getseeds(), setseeds(seeds)
restarts the generator to the state it was when you used getseeds().

If either seed is zero, the seeds are intialized with values generated
from the time of day; the seeds generated will normally be printed.  You
can suppress the printing by setseeds(0,0,quiet:T).

See also topics getseeds(), runi(), rnorm(), rpoi(), rbin() and
subtopic 'options:"seeds"'.

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15