This is a minimal website for Stat 8501, just a place to put the handouts on the web.

The textbook was Hoel, Port, and Stone. We covered chapters 1 and 2 (Markov chains), 4 and part of 5 (Gaussian processes).

The book was supplemented by the following handouts.

These have been edited to correct typos since.

The pictures of Ising model realizations in the handout on spatial lattice processes are also found in the file

There are 8 plots in the file (only 3 of which are printed in the handout). The parameters are all α = 0 (no external field) and β equal to the following (in order they appear in the PDF file)
  1. βcrit
  2. βcrit
  3. βcrit
  4. 0.90 ⋅ βcrit
  5. 0.95 ⋅ βcrit
  6. βcrit
  7. 1.05 ⋅ βcrit
  8. 1.10 ⋅ βcrit

The ones at the same temperature (βcrit) are different random realizations.

LaTeX for the handouts is