New! Homework 5 solutions posted.

Homework 5 revised. Minor change to (c): it should have referred back to (b) not circularly to itself. Also added info about sout$results$criterion, since that was part of the answer to a question asked in class.

Homework 5 posted. Due Friday, May 6.

Homework 4 solutions posted.

Homework 4 revised yet again (minor change, Apr 20).

Homework 4 revised and due date moved back a week. One more problem (on overdispersion) was added.

New R package glmbb now on CRAN written especially for this class, in particular to do Homework problem 3-1 right. A correct solution to this problem is in the solutions and also in the computer examples (in the navigation to the left).

Solutions to Homework 3 are under the link to Homework Solutions in the navigation to the left.

Office hours for Geyer are being moved from Wednesday to Tuesday this week only. Office hours will be 3:00–4:30 on Tuesday April 5, 2016. This is because my other class is having a midterm Wednesday.

New computer example likelihood-easier.R posted. This should be an easier example to follow in doing homework problem 2-4.

One more erratum posted, the one found in class today in likelihood.R.

The first two errata have been posted, one for homework 2 and one for a handout. Under the Errata link in the navigation to the left.

Homework 2 posted and now incomplete.

The multi-simple script has been moved to the Course Notes section and is now a paper handout.

New section Course Notes added in the navigation to the left, and two new handouts placed there.

In addition to Monday, Wednesday, Friday office hours with Geyer, there is a new Thursday office hour with the TA (time on the Course Info page).

This course has no dead tree format syllabus. Instead we have this web site.

For general information see the General Info link in the navigation section to the left.

For homework assignments see the Homework Assignments link in the navigation section to the left.

This course also has a Moodle site, which is also linked in the navigation section to the left, but we will use that only for the gradebook. Everything else is here.

Exam Dates

Exam Date and Time Location
First Midterm to be announced To be announced
Second Midterm to be announced To be announced
Final Exam 10:30am-12:30pm Wednesday, May 11 To be announced

The final exam time is set by the U.