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Several biostatistics students have asked me about the likelihood ratio test and whether we will go back and cover that. The problem is that what the DeGroot and Schervish have is not what you need to know. I'm not sure we have time to cover that, and in any case the relevant theory is beyond the scope of this course. As a possible helpful alternative, I am making available some notes from the PhD level theory course, the theory of the likelihood ratio test and related test being Chapter 4. Theorems 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 describe three asymptotically equivalent tests (Wilks, Rao, and Wald) for comparing models using maximum likelihood. Where those theorems say ELE (efficient likelihood estimator) read MLE (maximum likelihood estimator). Don't bother reading the proofs, just understand what the theorems and the surrounding explanations say. I will of course answer questions about this.

Exam Dates

Exam Date and Time
First Midterm Wednesday, February 21
Second Midterm Wednesday, April 4
Final Exam 1:30pm-3:30pm Thursday, May 10

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