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Playoff and World Series Probability Calculator

Just Do It

This web page implements a playoff probability calculator. Given assumptions about the probabilities for single games, it calculates probabilities for a 5 or 7 game series.

To check out what it does, just click the submit button below.

Ignore everything but the last six lines, which will look something like

Rweb:> cat("currently,", n1, w1, n2, w2, "\n") 
currently, Yankees 2 Twins 1  
Rweb:> cat("probability", n1, "win series:", p1total, "\n") 
probability Yankees win series: 0.7525  
Rweb:> cat("probability", n2, "win series:", 1 - p1total, "\n") 
probability Twins win series: 0.2475  

To modify what it does, look at the section on modifying the calculation below.

Modifying the Calculation

The whole calculation is determined by 5 numbers, which are assigned in the statements at the top of the web form and which you can edit.

ngame <- 7     # number of games in the series
w1 <- 0        # number of wins, team 1
w2 <- 1        # number of wins, team 2
p1home <- 0.55 # probability of team 1 win at home
p1road <- 0.45 # probability of team 1 win on road

The meaning of these numbers is as follows.

Basically, your opinion only enters the two numbers p1home and p1road. If you don't believe the teams are evenly matched, change these numbers and see what happens.

You can also edit the team names, but this doesn't affect any calculated numbers.

n1 <- "Angels" # name of team 1
n2 <- "Giants" # name of team 2