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Statistics 3011, Fall 2000, Prof. Geyer

Very Important Announcement

The computer file containing the grades for one part of the first midterm got clobbered and the restore from backup failed. Hence


New! All homework solutions now posted.

New! Extended office hours.
Jessica Stoering Wednesday Dec 20 3:00-4:30
Charles Geyer Thursday Dec 14 9:00-11:30
Friday Dec 15 9:00-11:30
Monday Dec 18 9:00-11:30
Tuesday Dec 19 9:00-11:30
Wednesday Dec 20 9:00-11:30

New! Classroom(s) for final exam changed. Exam will be held in Ford B53 (the regular computer lab) and Ford B10 (a classroom down the hall from the lab).

General Information

Homework Assignments


Review of Chapter 7 in Wild and Seber. Also available in PostScript or PDF, which look prettier when printed.


General Information about Computing

Rweb (also a link at the top of this page and most of the course web pages)

Computing Examples

Lab Section Examples

Lecture Section Examples

Textbook (Wild and Seber) Pages

Exam Dates

First Midterm Wednesday, October 18 (in regular class period) and Thursday, October 19 (in computer lab)
Second Midterm Wednesday, November 15 (in regular class period) and Thursday, November 16 (in computer lab)
Final Exam 10:30am-12:30pm, Thursday December 21


Material Covered (so far)

What the Exams Cover

The midterms are not cumulative. The final is cumulative.

Homework Solutions

Exams and Solutions this Semester (Fall 2000)

Old Exams

The old exams are not much use. This year we are using a new textbook, and the exams will use computers, which they never did before. You may look if you like, but be warned. This year's exams will be different. The only point of looking at the old exams is to see about how difficult (or easy, depending on how you see them) they are.