Logit_normal GLMM R Package

The R Package

This web page is about an R package (written by Yun Ju Sung and Charles J. Geyer) for doing Logit-Normal generalized linear mixed models (GLMM) using ordinary, independent and identically distributed Monte Carlo.

The package is now hosted at GitHub


As the README at GitHub says, the package is easily installed using R package remotes (https://cran.r-project.org/package=remotes)

install_github("cjgeyer/bernor", subdir = "package/bernor")
For more info see the package vignette or the R help files for R functions bnlogl and bnbigw.
vignette("examples", "bernor")

A Paper About It

A paper about the theory used by this package and using the package for examples is

Sung, Y. J. and Geyer, C. J. (2007).
Monte Carlo likelihood inference for missing data models.
Annals of Statistics, 35, 990–1011.

Of no real interest except that the proofs are longer and more detailed is the first draft PDF.

Supporting Materials for the Paper

Detailed verification of conditions of the theorems in the paper for the models done by the package.

A redo for the revision of the Booth and Hobert example in the paper.

A new example for the revision from Coull and Agresti.

A redo for the revision of the salamander example, also from Booth and Hobert, data originally from McCullagh and Nelder.