New! New reading assignment, new section added to document we were reading.

Two entries added to bibliography Self and Liang (1987) and the Stat 8112 lecture notes on weak convergence in metric spaces, which includes a theorem about convergence of random optimization problems.

A whole bunch of reading assignments, some for this unit (asymptotics under inequality constraints) and for the next unit (fuzzy tests and confidence intervals).

The paper I showed in class Feb 19 about conditional and unconditional residuals is now in the bibliography.

New bibliography page (in navigation to the left) has what used to be on the bottom of this page.

Policy in this class is that I am going to lecture as little as possible. There will be reading to be done outside of class, and then in class there will be only questions from students and answers from me (or other students if they volunteer). Since students these days seem reluctant to ask questions, this will be mandatory. I will take attendance and record each question asked. Depending on how many students there are in the class and how long the answers are (one really deep question could take a whole class to answer), each student may need to think up three questions per class period.