Statistics 8701 (Geyer) Spring 2003


Project Computing Facilities

New! So I just tried out the WinDoze PC and it works. Also it does have

I'll bring it to class during presentations.

Anyone who wants the Linux laptop, tell me and I'll bring that too.

Project Schedule

Date Name Topic
Wed Apr 30 Michael Peascoe Simulated tempering
Xiang Ao Applications in Economics
Fri May  2 Jun Sheng Statistical genetics
Qiaoyang Lu MCML and MCEM
Mon May  5 Junhui Wang Perfect sampling
Barbara Bennie Regeneration
Wed May  7 Fan Yang Irreducibility and Harris
Xiaoyan Li Bayesian model comparison
Fri May  9 Kejia Shan Variance estimation
Song Liu Spatial lattice processes


New! Link to parametric bootstrap examples.

New! Link to examples for Stat 5601 the nonparametrics survey course that also covers the bootstrap.

New! List of possible project topics posted.

New! Homework 6 posted.

New! Homework solution 1 posted. It's password protected. Get the password in class.

Reading Assignments

Homework Assignments

Homework Solutions

These are password protected. Only the class can look.

Times and Places


09:05am-09:55am MWF Ford Hall room 115.

Office Hours

02:30pm-03:20pm MWF Ford Hall room 356.

Or you can talk to me any time I'm in. Or call (612-625-8511). Or e-mail (