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Evaluating Transfer Courses

Courses transferred from another University will often be equated to equivalent courses at the University of Minnesota by the Academic Progress Audit System (APAS). If you have courses that were not evaluated in APAS, or you believe they were incorrectly evaluated, you can request a re-evaluation of your transfer course or courses. In all cases, your first step is to visit your college advisor. Each college has its own procedure:

  • In the College of Liberal Arts, visit with your CLA student community advisor. Your advisor will provide you with a form “Request for Re-Evaluation of Transfer Credits.” You complete one copy of the form for each course, provide a syllabus or on-line link to the syllabus for each course, and then take the form to the appropriate departmental office. For courses you believe are equivalent to STAT courses, take the form to 313 Ford Hall. Your request will be evaluated, and the result will be returned to you and your student community advisor via email. The student community advisor makes the changes needed to the APAS system. CLA students cannot submit a course for evaluation by Statistics without first seeing a CLA student community advisor.
  • In the College of Science and Engineering, you need to contact CSE Student Services (612-624-2890 or ), who will contact the department on your behalf and make changes to APAS.
  • In all other colleges, ask your college advisor for information.

The website provides access by state to many of the courses in the US in science and engineering, including statistics, that have already been evaluated. The website provides the same information for the rest of the world.