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School of Statistics Registration Procedures

1. Prerequisites for courses are strictly enforced. Course prerequisites are listed in the Class Schedule and on the School of Statistics website.

  • Students cannot take a course and its prerequisite in the same term.
  • The prerequisite course must be finished with a grade of “C-“ or better before beginning the next course.

2. The School of Statistics does use permission numbers. However, the School of Statistics does not exceed class size limits (exceptions are very rare). As a result, if a class is full students must join the waitlist. Qualifications for needing a permission number are listed below.

  • Completion of the prerequisite for a course was completed at an alternate institution.
  • Completion of the prerequisite for a course was completed via AP credit.
  • The School of Statistics has given special permission for a student to join a course.

3. If a student qualifies for a permission number they must email the School of Statistics undergraduate advisor and include the information listed below.

  • First and last name.
  • Student ID number.
  • Name of institution where prerequisite was completed (If completed via AP credit please indicate such).
  • The number of the lab section associated with the lecture the student hopes to enroll in.