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Galin Jones

Galin Jones

Galin Jones

Statistics 347 Ford Hall 224 Church St SE

Department Affiliations


  • Markov Chain Monte Carlo methodology
  • Decision Theory
  • Biological and environmental applications
  • Bayesian statistics

Educational Background

  • PhD: Statistics, University of Florida, 2001.


  • Steve Brooks, Andrew Gelman, Galin Jones and Xiao-Li Meng, (2011). Handbook of Markov Chain Monte Carlo. CRC Press. Link
  • James M. Flegal and Galin L. Jones (2010). Batch means and spectral variance estimators in Markov chain Monte Carlo. The Annals of Statistics, 38, 1034-1070. Link
  • Morris L. Eaton, James P. Hobert, Galin L. Jones and Wen-Lin Lai (2008). Evaluation of formal posterior distributions via Markov chain arguments. The Annals of Statistics, 36, 2423-2452. Link
  • Brian S. Caffo, Wolfgang Jank, and Galin L. Jones (2005). Ascent-based Monte Carlo Expectation-Maximization. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B, 67, 235-251. Link Download
  • Advances in Modern Statistical Theory and Applications: A Festschrift in honor of Morris L. Eaton. Jones, Galin, Xiaotong Shen, Co-Editor. Link
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