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gettsmacros(name1 [,name2 ... ]), name1, name2 ... unquoted of macro
  names on file TSMACROS or "tser.mac" if CHARACTER scalar TSMACROS does
  not exist

Keywords: general
gettsmacros(Macro1,Macro2,...) retrieves macros Macro1, Macro2, ... from
a file.  The file name is the value of CHARACTER scalar TSMACROS if it
exists or "tser.mac" if it does not.  The macro names must not be
enclosed in quotes or be CHARACTER variables.

gettsmacros(Macro1,Macro2,...,quiet:T) retrieves the macros but
suppresses printing the descriptive comments associated with them.

If there is more than one copy of any of the named macros in the file,
getttmacros retrieves the first one found.

TSMACROS has no predefined value.

Example:  If TSMACROS does not exist or has value "tser.hlp",
  Cmd> gettsmacros(detrend, spectrum, costaper)
retrieves macros detrend(), spectrum() and costaper() from file

gettsmacros() should be faster than pre-defined macro getmacros()
because it searches only one file.  See MacAnova help topic getmacros().

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15