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[command1; command2 ...] # comment which will be ignored

Keywords: syntax
Anything following a '#' on a line is ignored unless it is part of a
string quoted with '"'.  You can use this feature to add comments to
spooled output or usage information to macros.  The '#' and everything
following up to the end of the line or a terminating '\' are skipped.

You can use function macrousage() to print any comment lines (lines
starting with "#") in a macro.  It is good practice to include comment
lines describing the usage.  They should not be confused with header
lines starting with ')' in a file which may also give usage information.
See topics macrousage(), 'macros', 'files'.

  Cmd> xbar <- sum(x)/nrows(x) # compute mean as a row vector
is just the same as
  Cmd> xbar <- sum(x)/nrows(x)

See also spool().

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15