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steplook(item1, item2, ...), item1, item2, ... unquoted words selected
  from 'model', 'sscp', 'in', 'F', 'dfe', 'fullmse' and 'history'

Keywords: stepwise regression, regression
steplook(item1, item2, ... ) returns the values of components of
hidden variable _STEPSTATUS (see topic '_STEPSTATUS').  The arguments
must match component names of _STEPSTATUS, that is they must be one
or more of 'model', 'sscp', 'in', 'F', 'dfe', 'fullmse' and 'history'.

If only one item is requested, the value is a scalar, vector or
matrix, depending on the item.  Otherwise, the value is a structure.

  Cmd> steplook(model, history, in)
  returns structure(model:_STEPSTATUS$model,history:_STEPSTATUS$history,

  Cmd> steplook(in)
  returns _STEPSTATUS$in

  Cmd> steplook(F)[1,steplook(in)]
  returns F-to-remove for variables in current stepwise model

  Cmd> steplook(F)[2,!steplook(in)]
  returns P-values for F-to-enter for variables not in current stepwise

  Cmd> regress(steplook(model),pvals:T)

  estimates the coefficients for the current stepwise model.

See also topics stepsetup(), entervar(), removevar(), stepstatus()

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15