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Keywords: stepwise regression, regression
stepstatus() prints the current stepwise regression model, F-to-remove
statistics with P-values for all the variables currently in the model,
and F-to-enter statistics with P-values for any variables not in the

In addition, if there are any variables in the model, stepstatus()
prints an overall F statistic and its P-value, Mallow's Cp statistic,
adjusted R^2 and R^2.  The F-statistic tests the null hypothesis that
the coefficients of the "in" variables are 0.

It returns _STEPSTATUS as value.  This can be assigned (stuff <-
stepstatus()) but is not printed.  See topic '_STEPSTATUS'.

stepstatus(silent:T) prints nothing but returns _STEPSTATUS as value.

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15