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rowplot(x [, graphics keyword phrases]), x a REAL matrix

Keywords: plotting
rowplot(x) makes an "interaction" plot of the data in the matrix x.  The
plotting positions are the column numbers and the values in x.  Points
within each row are joined by lines.  Any keywords useable in chplot()
may follow x.  rowplot() is implemented as a macro.

If option 'dumbplot' has been set False (see subtopic
'options:"dumbplot"'), the plot will be a low resolution plot unless
'dumb:F' is an argument.

You can use all the usual graphics keywords, including 'title', 'xlab',
'ylab', and 'file'.  See topics 'graphs', 'graph_keys', 'graph_border'
and 'graph_ticks'.

  Cmd> rowplot(run(20)^(.2*run(5)'),\
        title:"X^vector(.2, X^.4, X^.6, X^.8, X)'")

See also topic colplot().

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15