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info <- memoryinfo() sets info to a vector of length 5 containing the
following information about memory usage:
  info[1]   Total memory used by named variables, excluding built-in
            functions but including macros and special variables such as
  info[2]   Total memory currently used by scratch variables.  This
            includes the results of any computations not yet in named
            variables but not scratch variables used in invoking
  info[3]   Total memory currently used by internal copies of what was
            typed at the prompt
  info[4]   Total memory allocated by MacAnova.  This excludes memory
            required by the program itself and some memory that is
            allocated at the start and kept for the entire run.  On
            windowed system, it excludes memory for command and graphics
            windows and menus.
  info[5]   The maximum memory so far allocated by MacAnova, always >=

The values returned are the number of bytes used or allocated.

memoryinfo() is primarily useful in (a) tracking down bugs in memory
allocation by MacAnova itself, and (b) determining why a macro uses more
memory than you think it ought to.

See also topic 'memory'.

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15