New! The course total column in the Moodle grades now makes sense and agrees with the numbers that were used to assign letter grades. The grade distribution of course totals shows the distribution of these course totals, so you can see where you ranked in the whole class, among graduate students, or among undergraduate students.

New! Course letter grades have been entered into the University grade system. They should be available within 24 hours.

New! Grade distribution for the final exam posted under either Exams or Exam Solutions in the Navigation to the left).

New! Final exam grades are in Moodle.

New! Solutions for final exam re-posted. Alternative solutions to problem 6 added. Under Exam Solutions links in the navigation to the left (same user name and password as for homework solutions).

Erratum in homework problem 9-6. Now fixed in the solutions.

Solutions to homework assignment 12 posted. (Follow the Homework Solutions link in the navigation to the left. The user name and password are the same as last semester and the same as announced in class.) Solutions for all homeworks covered on the 2nd midterm are now posted.

Multiple new errata about the solutions to old midterms posted in the errata section in the navigation to the left. (All these are fixed if you download solutions now).

Office hours for Geyer on Monday, May 13 (the day before the final exam) will be the usual Wednesday hours 2:30–3:20 and 3:35–4:25.

Direct links to old final exams (they have always been available on the web pages for old classes (in the navigation to the left)

2012 final exam
2010 final exam
Solutions to these have been posted under the Exam Solutions link in the navigation to the left.

Grades for 2nd midterm are in Moodle.

Grade distribution for the 2nd midterm exam posted under either Exams or Exam Solutions in the Navigation to the left).

The second midterm is not cumulative. The material it covers begins where the first midterm left off and continues through the material for this homework. That is slide 147, deck 2 through slide 50, deck 4 and homeworks 5, 6, 7, and 8. Note that the final exam is cumulative. So don't forget the material covered on the first midterm.

The first midterm covers material in deck 1 of the course slides and in the part of deck 2 up through slide 146 (confidence intervals are covered hypothesis tests are not on this midterm).

An e-mail message from the provost (Karen Hanson) says the regular U of M policy on excused absences has been re-instated (the flu scare is over, at least temporarily). This means just saying you thought you had flu is not an excuse for missing the midterm.

Here is the link to the material covered in the review session. This class does not have a required textbook (see the section about texts on the course info page).

The recordings (link in the navigation to the left) should now be viewable by students who were registered before the beginning of class. The permissions do not automatically update, so students who register later must be added separately. If you cannot see the recordings, email the instructor (Geyer, e-mail address on General Info page) with 5102 in the subject line asking for permission to view the recordings.

Exam Dates

Exam Date and Time
First Midterm Wednesday, February 27
Second Midterm Wednesday, April 10
Final Exam 8:00am–10:00am Tuesday, May 14

The final exam time is set by the U.