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Stat 3011 (Geyer) In-Class Examples (Smoothing)

General Instructions

To do each example, just click the "Submit" button. You do not have to type in any R instructions (that's already done for you). You do not have to select a dataset (that's already done for you).

Running Mean Smoother

This the example from class (Wednesday, Sept. 20) of drawing a smooth "trend" curve on a scatter plot, like the curves in the figures on p. 109 in Wild and Seber.

Datasets from the Instructor



A Smoother with Automatic Bandwidth Selection

This the same data as the previous example, but a different smoother.

Datasets from the Instructor


Everything just like the previous example except that we use supsmu (the "super smoother") rather than ksmooth. The operation of supsmu is too complicated to explain. One virtue is that it needs no arguments other than the x and y vectors it is to operate on. Another virtue is that it draws prettier curves.