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Statistics 3011, Fall 2001, Prof. Geyer

This is the web page for the Fall 2001 class. The web page for last year has been moved here.


New! Homework Solution number 11 posted.

New! Classroom(s) for final exam changed. Exam will be held in Ford B53 (the regular computer lab) and Ford B110 (a classroom one floor up from the lab).

New! Section on material covered (and material skipped) now goes for the whole course. The final exam will (in principle) cover everything in the whole course. In practice, if you perfectly understand all the kinds of problems on the midterms, that is enough review of the old material.

New! Solutions to the second midterm posted.

New! Distribution of second midterm grades posted.

General Information

Exam Dates

First Midterm Wednesday, October 17 (in regular class period) and Thursday, October 18 (in computer lab)
Second Midterm Wednesday, November 14 (in regular class period) and Thursday, November 15 (in computer lab)
Final Exam 4:00pm-6:00pm, Wednesday, December 19

Homework Assignments


Review of Chapter 7 in Wild and Seber. Also available in PostScript or PDF, which look prettier when printed.

Old Exams (Fall 2000)

This year's exams will be more or less like last years, but


General Information about Computing

Rweb (also a link at the top of this page and most of the course web pages)

Computing Examples

Lab Section Examples

Lecture Section Examples

Textbook (Wild and Seber) Pages


Material Covered

What the Exams Cover

The midterms are not cumulative. The final is cumulative.

Homework Solutions

Exams and Solutions this Semester (Fall 2001)