There are two R packages designed specifically for this course

and numerous other packages used in course notes and examples. R packages that are used in the homework solutions include Install these packages in R by executing the commands
pkgs <- c("CatDataAnalysis", "glmbb", "mcmc", "network", "ump")
at the R command line or, of you prefer, by mousing around in menus of the R app or Rstudio. (Packages KernSmooth and MASS do not need to be installed because they are R recommended packages installed by default when R is installed.)

If you are interested in a student job as a statistics tutor for statistics courses you have already taken, please see the relevant section of the course info.

This course will use plain R rather than Rstudio.

You can use Rstudio if you want, but I don't need anything it does.

This web site has no index, so in order to find stuff one needs to use a search engine. Here is how to do that. For example, if you want to find information on Poisson sampling, then the search

"Poisson sampling"
does that. This works either with Google or with DuckDuckGo. The quotation marks mean find the exact phrase. If they are left off, then the search engine will return results that have the word Poisson and the word distribution, not necessarily in the same section much less in the same sentence. The magic is the site: part, which tells the search engine only to look in that site. The site can be made more restrictive, for example,
"Poisson sampling"
says to look only in the notes directory.