New! Solutions to the final exam posted (in the navigation section to the left). The same username and password as for homework solutions are needed.

New! Answers to questions during the exam.

New! The final exam is up Before starting to work, check that what you are working on says Final Exam December 21, 2020 at the top of the first page.

New! Office hours during exam week recorded and posted.

New! Homework 12 solutions posted.

New! The final exam is cumulative. It covers everything: all 12 of the homeworks and all of decks 1 through 7 of the slides (we are not doing deck 8).

New! This may be old news, but undergraduates can switch to S/N grading until January 6, 2021 apparently.

New! Canvas link for uploading the final exam has been made.

New! Zoom links have been set up for the new office hours exam week and for the final exam itself (in case anyone has any questions about the exam).

New! Office hours for the instructor in exam week. In addition to the remaining regularly scheduled office hours Dec 9, 14, and 16. We are adding office hours

That last one is perhaps too late, since the exam is at 1:30 pm the same day, but I am not doing office hours during the weekend.

New! (Posted Wed Dec 09) It looks like we have about 2 days of lecture left so the last day of class (Wed Dec 16) will be mostly review. I will just be answering questions. So you need to have questions ready. Questions can be about anything in the course or anything about probability or statistics. But I expect questions about old tests and homework.

New! Three new errata noticed in class posted in the Errata section (in Navigation to the left).

New! New late homeworks canvas "assignment" made. Upload late homeworks there.

Solutions to the second midterm posted (under Exam Solutions in the navigation to the left). Password and user name are the same as for homework solutions and were given out in class Sep 25 and can be seen in the recording.

Old tests for 2019 now linked under Old Tests in the navigation to the left.

Not required, but for those who want to know more about coin flips or dice rolls, here is a YouTube video about coin flips by a famous statistician, and here is a two-part YouTube video about dice rolls (Part I and Part II).

This web site has no index, so in order to find stuff one needs to use a search engine. Here is how to do that. For example, if you want to find information on the beta distribution, then the search

"beta distribution"
does that. This works either with Google or with DuckDuckGo. The quotation marks mean find the exact phrase. If they are left off, then the search engine will return results that have the word beta and the word distribution, not necessarily in the same page much less in the same sentence. The magic is the site: part, which tells the search engine only to look in that site. The site can be made more restrictive, for example,
"beta distribution"
says to look only in the slides (this seems to work only in Google, but not in DuckDuckGo even though it is supposed to work in DuckDuckGo).

This course has no dead tree format syllabus. Instead we have this web site.

For general information see the General Info link in the navigation section to the left.

In particular, note that this class has no textbook. All of the course material is covered in the slides found under the Course Slides link in the navigation section to the left.

For homework assignments see the Homework Assignments link in the navigation section to the left.

This course also has a Canvas site, which is also linked in the navigation section to the left, but we will use that only for the gradebook. Everything else is here.

This course is entirely on-line, regardless of what the U does with other courses. It is synchronous in the sense that if you want to ask questions during lecture or lab sections, you must be in the Zoom session at the scheduled time. Also tests will be at the scheduled times. It is asynchronous in the sense that all Zoom sessions will be recorded and linked on the Canvas site for the course.

Exam Dates

exam dates and times
Exam Date and Time Location
First Midterm 9:05am–9:55am Wednesday, October 14, 2020 On-line.
Second Midterm 9:05am–9:55am Wednesday, November 18, 2020 On-line.
Final Exam 1:30pm–3:30pm Monday, December 21 On-line.

The final exam time is set by the U.


xkcd 2117

Differentiation and Integration

Differentiation and Integration

For explanation see the explain xkcd web site.

xkcd 2118

Normal Distribution

For explanation see the explain xkcd web site.