Statistics 3011 (Geyer, Spring 2006)


New! Grade distribution for third midterm posted. This includes the six number summary and stem and leaf plot.

New! Third midterms and any older homework or exams not yet picked up are in my office, but I am out of town. You can pick up your exam by asking in the department office, 313 Ford Hall.

New! Third midterm solution posted.

Extra Notes on Probability Rules summary.

Midterm material covered posted midterm section below.

Homework Solutions has been placed under password protection so they are no longer visible to the whole world. The user name and password will be given out in class and in the lab sections.

Midterm exam dates posted in a new section below.

Classroom for 8:00 and 9:05 lab session changed to Ford Hall 170.

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Second homework assignment posted. Follow the Homework Assignments link in the navigation above.

Computer examples for the second (and third) homework assignment posted. Follow the Computer Examples link in the navigation above.

Exam Dates and Material Covered

The three midterms will be held during the usual lecture section period on the following dates

Date Material Covered
Friday, February 24 Chapters 1-5 in the textbook, Homeworks 1-4
Friday, April 7 Chapters 6-11 in the textbook, Homeworks 5-8
We skipped last section of Ch 9, last two sections of Ch 10, and all but first two sections of Ch 11.
Friday May 5 Chapters 12-18 in the textbook, Homeworks 9-11
We skipped last two sections of Ch 13. Instead of Chapter 17 our basic reference was our web page. We skipped the next-to-last section of Ch 18.
All material on the binomial distribution web page (except for the last section labeled not covered), the confidence intervals web page, the tests intervals web page, and the two-sample web page can be on the test.
Especially, the material on the sign test and its associated confidence interval covered by the additional problems on homeworks 10 and 11 will be on the test.

There will be no final (the third midterm will serve as the final, except that it is not cumulative, only covering material since the preceding midterm).


Interesting placebo effect.

New Poll Shows Correlation is Causation.


Experts beaten by formulas. Expert opinion in politics is worse than data and statistics. New Yorker magazine review of a book Expert Political Judgment : How Good is It? How Can We Know? by Philip E. Tetlock.

A recent study with strong placebo effect. Real acupuncture and fake acupuncture were equally successfully in reducing the number of days in which patients suffered from migraine.