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    Additional data sets

    Data archives are presented in three formats. For Windows, the files are .zip archives that can be unpacked with pkunzip, WinZip, or other utilities. For Macintosh, the archives are Stuffit archives requiring a utility like StuffitExpander to read. For Linux/Unix, they are g-zipped shar files (for the file ALR2.shar.gz, for example, first type gunzip ALR2.shar.gz, and then /bin/sh ALR2.shar). When unpacked, put the resulting directory in the Data subdirectory of your Arc directory.

    Get the Donner data for Problem 21.5 of Applied Regression Including Computing and Graphics.
    This file was accidentally omitted from Version 1.00 of the distributed archive, but it is included in Version 1.03. To download and save the file, hold down the mouse button (the right mouse button on Windows) and select Save this link as, or Download to disk, depending on your browser. The file should be saved in the ARCG subdirectory of the Data subdirectory of your Arc directory. Get the version for Windows or Linux/Unix, or Macintosh.
    Applied Linear Regression
    All the data sets from S. Weisberg (1985), Applied Linear Regression, Second Edition, Wiley, Windows, Macintosh, Linux/Unix.
    An Introduction to Regression Graphics
    The data sets from R. D. Cook and S. Weisberg (1994), An Introduction to Regression Graphics, Wiley, that are not already included with Arc. Windows, Macintosh, Linux/Unix.
    Residuals and Influence in Regression
    The data sets from R. D. Cook and S. Weisberg (1982), Residuals and Influence in Regression, Chapman and Hall. Windows, Macintosh, Linux/Unix.
    Nonlinear regression data sets.
    A number of data sets, many from the text book by Bates and Watts, in Arc format. Windows, Macintosh. After unstuffing/unzipping, put the resutling directory called NR-data in your Data subdirectory of the Arc directory.
    ARCG data in R/S/Splus format
    The data sets from Applied Regression Including Computing and Graphics, but in a format that can be read directly into R, S or Splus (or, indeed, any program that can read a text file with rows as cases, columns as variables, variable names in the first row, and `NA' as the missing data symbol). In addition, documentation files that are appropriate for R are also supplied. This archive consists of a directory called "data" that included the data files, and a directory called "man" that includes the documentation. Available only as a zip file for both Windows and Unix/Linux.

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    Last modified: Tue Aug 29 2000