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    Regression Graphics:
    Ideas for Studying Regressions through Graphics

    This is the Web site for the book Regression Graphics: Ideas for Studying Regressions through Graphics by R. Dennis Cook, published by John Wiley & Sons in September, 1998 (ISBN 0-471-19365-8).

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    Read the Preface from a pdf file.
    Table of Contents.
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    About Regression Graphics.
    This article presents an overview of regression graphics from a tutorial given at the 1998 Interface Meetings in Minneapolis, MN. The intent was to discuss basic ideas and issues without delving into methodological or theoretical details, and to provide a guide to the literature through an annotated bibliography.
    Arc software.
    Arc is a comprehensive, menu-driven regression package that allows application of many standard methods in addition to most of the methods discussed in this book. It was designed in part as a computing companion to the new 1999 Wiley text "Applied Regression Including Computing and Graphics" by R. D. Cook and S. Weisberg. This link takes you to the home page for Arc software.
    Supplemental graphs
    Some of the graphics in the book don't translate well to a static black-and-white piece of paper. As a supplement, we offer graphics which may better illustrate the points in the book.
    Download Data
    Most data sets in the book are available here in a form that can be read by Arc.
    Last updated February 9, 2000.
    ASA Short Course.
    A short course from this book was held August 8, 1999 at the ASA meetings in Baltimore. This pdf file gives an overview of the course.
    NJ Short Course.
    The New Jersey Chapter of the ASA sponsored a short course from this book on October 15, 1999, at the Princeton Palmer Inn. This pdf file gives an overview of the course.
    Recent Developments.
    Recent developments in regeression graphics, including additional Arc code are available via this link. Last updated November 20 , 2001.

    Some materials are available in the "Portable Document Format" (PDF), which can be viewed and printed by using Acrobat Reader software. Versions of Acrobat Reader for most computing platforms may be obtained for free from Adobe Inc.

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    Acknowledgement: Material at this site is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grants DMS 9212413, 9703777, and 0103983.

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