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John Edmonds

Statistics Undergraduate Advisor

Johnston Hall.

As of Wednesday, January 27, 2016, the process for meeting with the undergraduate statistics advisor has changed. Students will no longer be able to meet with the advisor in a drop in format. Now, students will need to call 612-625-2020, stop by Johnston Hall 16, or visit to schedule an appointment.

There are two types of appointments available to students. These appointments are categorized as extended 30-minute appointments and brief 15-minute appointments. The guides below will assist in helping students determine which type of appointment is best for them.

Extended 30-Minute Appointment:

  • • Long-term degree planning
  • • Review of major programs
  • • Review of transfer credits/Filing of Reevaluation of Credits Transferred form.
  • • Probation Review (For CSE STAT students)

Brief 15-Minute Appointment:

  • • Schedule changes for the current term (within add/drop timeframe)
  • • APAS updates and changes
  • • Declaration of major or minor
  • • Review of Technical Elective courses (For CSE STAT students)
  • • Review of non-STAT courses for STAT Electives (For CLA STAT students)
  • • Departmental Stamp hold (For CSE STAT students)
  • • Permission numbers

Both types of appointment are available daily. However, same day appointments will not be scheduled.

Please keep in mind appointments times fill fast, especially during the initial weeks of each semester, the registration queue, and the final weeks of each semester. As a result, you may need to schedule appointments in advance.

Questions can be e-mailed to