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New (Fall 2015) Majors and Minor in Statistics!

Pending final approval by the College of Liberal Arts, the Provost, and the Regents, the School of Statistics is pleased to announce new courses, a new Bachelor of Arts in the practice of Statistics (BASP), a new Bachelor of Science in Statistical Science (BSSS), and new requirements for the minor. All students declaring a major or minor after the end of Spring semester 2015 will need to choose one of the new degree programs (newly admitted Freshmen for Fall 2015 in the College of Science and Engineering admitted directly to the Statistics major may also choose to continue under the “old” plans). Current majors will have the option or continuing with the existing BA/BS programs, or switching to the new BASP or BSSS. Current minors will continue under the “old” requirements.

Bachelor of Arts in Statistical Practice

The BASP is intended for students who view the BA as their terminal degree, and want to use their education in part as a certificate for finding work. This degree program reduces the number of required mathematics courses compared to the current BA program and increases the number of applied statistics courses. Students with an interest in an area where statistical methods are commonly applied may elect to substitute some course work in the applied area for some of the applied statistics courses. Students who complete this program will have applied statistics training equivalent to most masters programs in statistics.

Bachelor of Science in Statistical Science

The BSSS is intended for students who express interest in graduate education in statistics or a related area. Related programs offered at the University of Minnesota include Statistics, Biostatistics, Data Science (a joint program of Statistics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Biostatistics), Epidemiology, Quantitative Methods in Education in the Department of Educational Psychology, Psychometrics, and others. The BSSS will share a core sequence of applied statistics courses with the BASP program, but will require more mathematics. Unlike our current program, the BSSS program will allow students the flexibility to take additional advanced mathematics courses that are expected in many graduate programs, including our own. To allow for the extra mathematics, the foreign language requirement included in the BASP program is not be included in the BSSS. The BSSS degree will be offered through the College of Liberal Arts, so all statistics degrees will be from CLA.

Minor in Statistics

The requirements for the minor will be changed for students who declare their minor after Spring semester 2015. See the link for the minor at the left for details.

New Courses

Five exciting new courses for undergraduate majors will be phased in beginning in Fall 2015, then every semester. These include:

  • Stat 3032, Regression on Correlated Data, beginning Fall 2015. This course will replace Stat 3022 in both the BASP and BSSS degrees. It is designed to prepare students for the new undergraduate applied statistics sequence described below, providing a more extensive introduction to regression, and a first introduction to correlated data and time series.

  • Stat 3701, Introduction to Statistical Computing, beginning Spring 2016, then every semester. This new course provides students with a firm understanding of the use of computation in statistical analysis. This course requires Stat 3032 (or Stat 5302) and Csci 1113 (C++).

  • Stat 4051, Applied Statistics I, beginning Fall Semester 2016, then every semester. Building on Stat 3032 and Stat 3071, this is the first of two semesters on applied statistics covering a wide array of topics to prepare students for applied statistical work. This course will be limited to statistics majors who have completed Stat 3701 and either Stat 4101 or Stat 5101.

  • Stat 4052, Applied Statistics II, beginning Spring semester 2017, then every semester. This completes the two-semester applied statistics sequence. Stat 4051 is required.

  • Stat 3501, Internship, beginning Summer, 2016, then every summer. The School will work toward providing internship possibilities for as many students as possible. More information will be available in early 2016.

  • Stat 4893W, Communications for Statisticians, every semester. Although not a new course, the title has changed to reflect the varied content of this course that is now required of all majors, including double majors who meet the writing-intensive requirement using their other major. Students must have completed Stat 4501.

More changes!

  • Beginning Fall semester 2015, Stat 4101 and Stat 5101 will be offered every semester, not just in Fall.

  • Beginning Spring semester 2016, Stat 4102 and Stat 5102 will be offered every semester, not just in Spring.

  • Prerequisites for all courses will be enforced, so majors will need to take all courses in sequence.

  • Students must complete Stat 3011, Stat 3021 or equivalent with a grade of “C” or higher for admission to a degree program in statistics.

  • Both the BASP and BSSS are degrees in the College of Liberal Arts. The School of Statistics will no longer offer a degree program though the College of Science and Engineering.

What next?

  • If you are a current major, visit the Grandfathering page to see your options.

  • If you are a junior transfer student, you should also visit the Grandfathering page, as your situation is the same as any other student who will have junior status in Fall 2015. However, as a new student you will be required to opt for one of the new programs.

  • All current majors must complete a short web form so we know you learned about the new majors, and understand that you will be notified what to do after the programs have been formally approved by the Regents.

  • The BASP and BSSS are described separately.

  • If you are a current minor, you are NOT required to change to the new requirements.