For Volunteer Statisticians

How to start a STATCOM project? 

1. Find a project you are interested in

Check out the Current Project website to see which projects are waiting for volunteer statisticians. If there is no current project you are interested in, please contact STATCOM officers for help on finding new projects with you.

2. Check out the “Volunteer Contract

To ensure that volunteers and STATCOM clients receive the best and most rewarding experience possible, we have a set of requirements that each volunteer must follow and complete during the course of the project. Before your project can begin, this document must be completed and signed.

3. Set up a meeting with STATCOM officers

In the meeting, at least one  of the officers in STATCOM will go through the contract with volunteers personally and answer any questions about the contract. Officers will also give a “brief” introduction about the project and may not be able to answer any detail questions. Most of the time, project details can only be known after volunteers take the project and have a talk with clients.

4. Finding an advisor/ instructor/ sponsor for this project

There are three choices for the volunteer statisticians to take this project: Plan B, STAT8992 course and under sponsorship. No matter which choice is made, volunteer statisticians need to do the project under the supervision of faculty (Plan B/ STAT8992 course/ Sponsor) or a PhD student(Sponsor).

Any switch between the three choices is allowed, as long as the related faculty or PhD student permit.

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5. Hand in the contract to STATCOM

Once volunteer statisticians sign the contract and hand it in to any STATCOM officer, the project officially starts. If there are many people are interested in the same project , the one handing in the contract first will win the project.

6. Have a face-to-face meeting with the clients

In the meeting, STATCOM will introduce clients and volunteer statisticians to each other and confirm the Volunteer Contract again with clients and volunteer statisticians to make sure both parties have the same expectations for this project. The volunteer statisticians are welcome to ask any details for this project at this meeting.

7. Get your hands dirty on the project!!

You are expected to work on this project by complying with the content in the Volunteer Contract.