Q: What software/programing languages can we use?
A: There is no restraints on the types of software or programing languages you can use. Please report the names of the packages/languages/software you used and their versions. If simulation is involved, please set the random seed to 415.



Q: What can we bring to the competition?
A: Laptops, reference materials and a sharp brain! You will also be able to use the Internet. 



Q: Can we seek help from our teachers/classmates/friends?
A: You may consult with your teachers/classmates/friends before the competition day. However, on April 15th, you may only discuss the data with your teammates. 



Q: What will the data look like?
A: A subset of the data is available to all the registered students before the competition. Please email statcom@umn.edu for access.  


Q: What questions will we work on?
A: Example questions are available to all the registered teams before the competition. These questions are intended to inspire ideas. Competition questions will be of similar nature. Please email statcom@umn.edu for access.