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Kean Ming Tan


Kean Ming Tan

School of Statistics . 224 Church St SE Rm 313 Ford Hall

Department Affiliations


  • Statistical learning and data mining
  • graphical models, clustering, latent variables
  • generalized eigenvalue problem

Educational Background

  • Ph.D: Biostatistics, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 2015.


  • Tan, Kean Ming, Ning, Yang, Witten, Daniela and Liu, Han. "Replicates in High Dimensions, With Application to Latent Variable Graphical Models." Biometrika 103(4) (2016): 761-777.
  • Tan, Kean Ming, Witten, Daniela. "Statistical Properties of Convex Clustering." Electronic Journal of Statistics 9 (2015): 2324-2347.
  • Tan, Kean Ming, London, Palma, Mohan, Karthik, Lee, Su-In, Fazel, Maryam, and Witten, Daniela. "Learning Graphical Models with Hubs." Journal of Machine Learning Research 15(Oct) (2014): 3297-3331.
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