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Gary W Oehlert

Gary W Oehlert

Gary W Oehlert

School of Statistics 320 Ford Hall 224 Church Street SE


  • statistical computing
  • environmental statistics
  • design of experiments

Educational Background

  • Ph.D.: Statistics, Yale University, New Haven, CT, 1981.


  • A Penalized Likelihood Ap- proach to Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction: Oehlert, Gary, Bulaevskaya, Vera, Statistics in Medicine, 26 352-374, 2007.
  • The influence of ecological and social factors on body mass of wild chimpanzees: Oehlert, Gary, Pusey, A. E., Oehlert, G., Williams, J. M., Goodall, J., International Journal of Primatology, 26 3-31, 2005.
  • A First Course in Design and Analysis of Experiments. Oehlert, Gary, W. H. Freeman, Author, 2000. Link
  • The Ability of Wet Deposition Networks to Detect Trends: Oehlert, Gary, Environmetrics, 1995.
  • Regional Trends in Sulfate Wet Deposition: Oehlert, Gary, Journal of American Statistical Association, 88 390-399, 1993.
  • Relaxed Boundary Smoothing Splines: Oehlert, Gary, Ann. Statist., 20 146-160, 1992.
  • The random average mode estimator: Oehlert, Gary, Ann. Statist., 13 1418-1431, 1985.


  • Distinguished Achievement Medal in Environmental Statistics, 1996

Courses Taught

  • Stat 5303 - Designing Experiments
  • Stat 5931 - Environmental Statistics
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