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Singdhansu B Chatterjee

Portrait: Singdhansu Chatterjee

Singdhansu B Chatterjee

Statistics 313 Ford Hall 224 Church St SE

Department Affiliations


  • non-parametric and semi-parametric curve estimation
  • generalized linear mixed models
  • resampling techniques
  • probability theory


  • Variance estimation in high dimensional regression models: Chatterjee, Singdhansu, A. Bose, Statistica Sinica, 10 497-515, 2000.
  • A bootstrap test using maximum likelihood ratio statistics to check the similarity of two 3-dimensionally oriented data samples: Chatterjee, Singdhansu, S. Joy, Mathematical Geology, 30 275-284, 1998.
  • Generalized bootstrap in non-regular M-estimation problems: Chatterjee, Singdhansu, A. Bose, Statistical and Probability Letters, 55 319-328, 2001.
  • Last Passage Times of Minimum Contrast Estimators: Chatterjee, Singdhansu, Journal of the Australian Mathematical Socieity, 71 1-10, 2002.

Professional Activities

  • Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, University of Manchester, U.K.
  • Member, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, The American Mathematical Society
  • Research Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • Visiting Scientist, Theoretical Statistics and Mathematics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta, India


  • Young Scientist Award, Indian Science Congress, 2000
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