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det(x [, mantexp:T, quiet:T]), where x is a REAL square matrix with no
  MISSING values.

Keywords: matrix algebra
det(x) computes the determinant of the square REAL matrix x.  MISSING
values are not allowed in x.  When x is singular within rounding error,
det(x) is 0 and a warning message is printed.

det(x,mantexp:T) does the same, but returns the result in base 10
mantissa and exponent form.  For instance, when det(x) = -5.67832e+123,
det(x,mantexp:T) returns vector(-5.67832, 123).  This allows you to find
a determinant whose value is either too large or too close to 0 to be

det(x [,manexp:T], quiet:T) does the same, but suppresses the warning
message when x is singular.

See also topics 'matrices', trace().

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15