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Keywords: anova, glm, regression
Functions for sample size and power computations:
  power(), power2(), samplesize(), cumF(), cumstu(), cumchi()

Type, for example, 'usage(power)' or 'help(power)', to get a thumbnail
sketch or a complete description of power().

File design.mac, distributed with MacAnova, contains the following
                 Macros Useful in Designing Experiments
  aliases2     Gets aliases in fractioned 2 series
  aliases3     Gets aliases in fractioned 3 series
  allaliases2  Complete aliases structure in fractioned 2 series
  choosegen2   Chooses generators for a 2 series fractional factorial
  choosedef2   Chooses defining contrasts for a blocked 2 series
  confound2    Confounds a 2 series factorial into blocks
  confound3    Confounds a 3 series factorial into blocks
  ems          Computes the expected mean squares for the terms in the
               ANOVA of a model some of whose terms are random
  ffdesign2    Determines factor/level combinations to use for
               fractioned 2 series

                    Macros for Statistical Analysis
  all3anova    Fits all hierarchical models in a three factor anova and
               sorts them by Cp
  all4anova    Fits all hierarchical models in a four factor anova and
               sorts them by Cp
  boxcoxvec    Gets the error SS for several boxcox transformations
  interactplot Make interaction plots of marginal means in a factorial
  interblock   Recover interblock information in an incomplete block
  mixed        Computes an "ANOVA" table for a model some of whose
               factors are random
  pairwise     Does paired comparisons and generates an "underline"
  quadmax      Finds the location of the maximum of a quadratic
               function, with optional linear equality and inequality
               constraints on the solution
  randsign     Does a permutation paired t-test
  randt        Does a permutation two-sample t-test
  randt2       Carry out a permutation two sample t-test combining
               values from two fectors (uses randt)
  rscanon      Does canonical analysis of 2nd order response surface
  reml         Perform restricted maximum likelihood analysis of a model
               with fixed and random terms
  sidebyside   Make a side-by-side plot of effects
  varcomp      Computes the "ANOVA" estimates of random effects
               variances in mixed effects analysis of variance

                 Auxiliary macros used by other macros
  colproduct   Computes all element-wise products of the columns of two
               matrices (used by ems)
  makemat      Computes various basis matrices (used by ems)
  quadmaxlin   Finds the maximum of x'Ax + b'x subject to Cx = y (used
               by quadmax)

These can be retrieved by, for example, getmacros(boxcoxvec) or
boxcoxvec <- macroread("design.mac","boxcoxvec").  In a standard
installation of macanova, they are available simply by using them.

You can get information on these macros by help() or usage() or, for
example, by designhelp(makemat, varcomp) or designhelp(makemat, varcomp,
usage:T).  See topic designhelp() for details.

See help() for information on direct use of help() to retrieve help
information from design.hlp.

See also topics 'macros', macroread(), getmacros(), help(), usage(),

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15