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ctoh(cx), cx a REAL matrix representing complex data

Keywords: time series, complex arithmetic
ctoh(cx) returns the packed Hermitian symmetrized form of the REAL
matrix cx, considering its columns in pairs as representing unrestricted
Complex series.  When cx is m by 2*n-1, or m by 2*n, ctoh(cx) is m by n,
with column i containing the Hermitian symmetrized form of columns 2*i-1
and 2*i.  When ncols(cx) is odd, the final complex series is assumed to
have imaginary part zero.

When cx actually has Hermitian symmetry, ctoh(cx) represents the same
matrix in packed form.  When cx does not have such symmetry, ctoh(cx)
represents the symmetrized matrix obtained by averaging elements that
should be equal and discarding the imaginary parts of elements that
should be real.

See topic 'complex' for discussion of complex matrices in MacAnova.

See also htoc(), cconj(), hconj(), hreal(), himag(), creal(), cimag().

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15