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cor(x1 [,x2,...]), x1, x2, ... REAL vectors or matrices all with the
  same number of rows

Keywords: descriptive statistics
cor(x) computes a correlation matrix for data in REAL matrix x.  Any row
of x that contains missing data is entirely omitted.  It is an error to
have missing data in all rows.

cor(a,b,c,... ), where a, b, c, ... are vectors or matrices with the
same number of rows, is equivalent to cor(hconcat(a,b,c,...)) .  See

When any column in the input is constant (all values the same), the
entire corresponding row and column of the output is set MISSING,
including the diagonal, and a warning message is printed.  In particular
this occurs when the number of rows in the input is 1.

Non-MISSING elements of the diagonal are exactly 1.

Gary Oehlert 2003-01-15